Space frames 

Space frames are a separate type of metal structures used to reinforce multi-level monolithic slabs, provide high stability of foundations, as well as increase the bearing capacity and strength characteristics of reinforced concrete structures and elements. The spatial structure of such reinforcements allows their use with voluminous elements of substantial thickness.

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The main elements of space frames are two-dimensional reinforcing meshes arranged in perpendicular planes and forming a dimensional structure. However, this is not the only way to arrange meshes: in some cases, they can be located at an angle to each other in order to form a polyhedron shape.

Space frames: types

Reinforcement cages of space frames are divided into several types according to their production characteristics and degree of strength. The following frames are distinguished according to the connection principle (mesh rods, clamps, etc.):

  • welded frames (connected using resistance welding in accordance with GOST 14098);
  • tied frames. Reinforcement elements are wire-fastened.

In some cases, rectangular welded frames may consist of two meshes; the final spatial structure is achieved by bending meshes with special equipment. This method simplifies the welding process because instead of four welds required for the same number of flat frames only two are required.

Space frames

Strength characteristics depend on the type of rebars (usually AI, AIII et al.) and their diameter. According to the last parameter, space frames may be:

  • light (diameter of main rebars — 3 to 12 mm);
  • heavy (rebar cross section over 12 mm).
The rebars can be either smooth or corrugated, i.e., with protrusions on the helix. The last type is the most widely used, since corrugated surface ensures the best adhesion to concrete.

Application of various types of frames

Space frames may be of different geometric shapes, which greatly expand the scope of their application. Rectangular frame structures are generally used to reinforce concrete plates during production or construction phases. Tied frames with clamps are optimal for continuous foundations. Special-purpose cylindrical frames for bored piles are used when working with pile foundations.

Triangular reinforcements occupy a special place among the space frames.

Triangular reinforcements: application and benefits

The construction market offers a great alternative to bent rebars – triangular reinforcements. Compared to the same structures with bent elements, triangular reinforcements have a number of advantages, namely:

  • accuracy of geometrical dimensions of the product;
  • no need for assembly — factory products are ready for use;
  • fast installation;
  • cost effectiveness;
  • minimized production costs.

Please use the form below to contact plant representatives and order custom-built space frames. We sell the products at factory price and modern technological equipment allows us to introduce the most advanced production methods and produce frames with superior technical features that fully comply with the applicable state standards. Each customer is important for us, so we guarantee that you will receive your high-quality materials on time.

Item Name Q-ty Weight, kg Price
  Space frame KP-11   15,6 655 rubles
1 Ø20 A240 GOST 5781-82, L = 1300 4 3,2  
2 Ø10 A240 GOST 5781-82, L = 270 4 0,17  
3 Ø6 A240 GOST 5781-82, L = 120 10 0,03  
4 Ø10 A240 GOST 5781-82, L = 490 6 0,3  

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